We are expanding our outreach methods and hope all of you will come/visit our blog site monthly. We don’t have a regular posting time YET, as I am a stranger (since retirement a few years ago) to schedules but honestly we have been distracted by health issues and are just getting going. We take questions and topic requests as in 42 years I have probably heard most of the health issues and have extensive resources for potential solutions. I am not a doctor but a certified Sears Health Coach. I know no more about medicines than webmd.com. But I do know what you md’s won’t tell you about : food and nutrition. They are not trained in food and nutrition-“eastern medicine”. “Eastern medicine” is what Becky’s surgeon called the profession that uses herbs and vitamins. The AMA: their lord and master: doesn’t exactly like anything that cannot be patented and sold for $$ per pill.) Natural nutrition is my playground.

I have access to people who have a heck of a lot more experience in food and nutrition whom I will call upon when not certain about the topic. Becky and I are launching this in December as we were concerned about the 20+pounds of unwanted unneeded excess fluid around her lungs that prevented her from walking without huffing and puffing or sleeping lying down at night. The hospital visit fixed that with diuretics (and lots of tests) that helped her lose the 20+ pounds in about 3 days. She does NOT recommend a hospital visit with diuretics as a preferred weight loss method. Yes, that is a LOT of bathroom visits. Now she is walking her 10,000 steps daily and going to the gym also M-F pre job and S/S between foot ball games. I also have excess weight to shed. I have been to the gym off and on for years. Mostly off.

But on December 1, I started a daily gym visit. Last night was a quick trip once around my chosen exercises of weights. Building muscle means burning off the fat calories while sleeping. I like that! Today I will do aerobic type of exercise to build my stamina and burn a few calories. Ok I am not a marathon runner but 10 minutes on a treadmill is a start, ok? Maybe I can do a few extra resistance exercises not yet started? I did pick up the jump rope I had in a seldom used kitchen drawer (junk drawer). Well, the plastic skip had broken and was taped together. That lasted about 2 misses and rebroke. The cloth skip rope I find is much too light and just goes through the air so slowly. I am buying a new plastic skip rope soon. A great way to get away from the computer at home and get the blood to circulate. 100 skips is not much for a boxer but it sure gets my heart pumping and warms up the legs and feet quickly. I keep the house temp about 67/68 so my feet can get chilly sitting down most of the day.

I am also beginning a much closer watch of what I eat and WHEN I eat it. Well, it looks like it is time to hit the gym. More next month. 




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