In elementary school I had missed parts of 6 weeks of first grade.  As an adult I was still getting a cold every year with spring allergies (that turned into all year round) and a flu most years. Allergies and a cold or 2 every year was normal, right? 

 I played tennis frequently and was considered skinny. I was eating at fast food or tv dinners several times a week.

To the degree that an adult molar was loose and that scared me (at 24 years of age). As Mom had not taught either of us how or what to cook and as a single guy fast food was very available. My older brother knew that my diet was unhealthy and told me  to take a drug store brand “Super Plenamins”?  And I would now suspect that he started learning a bit about nutrition from his wife and a nutritional product line they were taking.

  I felt no different and they didn’t taste good as they partially dissolved before I could swallow the capsule. Not a great experience. I saw no differences-at least one cold per year and sometimes a flu of 8 or 9 days. 

From there I stopped taking supplements and didn’t really revisit them again until Bobbi send me a dime in the mail attached to an invitation to a meeting about how to make money. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement.

At that time the presentation was quite rudimentary on a large flip chart with Xs and Os to explain how the business model worked. Being a security guard I was very career disturbed so this idea that I could make my own money with out a boss was interesting to me.

The challenge was Bobbi said, “If you want to make money, you have take these products.”

I was not keen on the idea and told him, “I don’t want to.”
Bobbi asked, “Well, do you want to make money?”
I said, “yes.”
He replied, “If you want to make money, you have to take these product.”

This exchange went on for a few rounds until I finally broke down and said, “Okay.”

I started taking the products and one of the products caused an unfavorable response. So I stopped taking it. About a week or two later Bobbi suggested I try that product again, so I did. Another unfavorable response. I stopped taking it again. 2 more weeks went by and Bobbi said, “You should start that product again.”

I told him, “One more time, that’s it.” Took the product for a third time and I’ll be darned, I had a FAVORABLE response. I’ve been taking that product ever since.

But the first obvious and quick positive response I had was with a lecithin supplement. I was told it helped improve with short term memory. I thought, ‘I can get on board with that.” After taking it for for a couple weeks I was sitting in a Jacuzzi with a good looking lady and I was a good looking guy, so I asked for her number.

Sitting in a Jacuzzi with no pen or paper I’m sure she was thinking, “Yeah, right, like he’s going to remember this.” So she gave it to me. I remembered her number and called her the next day. This is from a guy who in college 10 years prior couldn’t remember someone’s name right after meeting him.

Since that first experience with these products, I have been taking them every day for 41 years and I feel as good as or better than I did when I was 30. And for a man my age, I have not lost 1/4 inch in my height, which is rare.

If you’re curious about the products that have improved my health and my wife’s health Explore Why We Age and Get Sick


The Master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play,

his labor and his leisure,

his mind and his body,

his information and his recreation,

his love and his religion.

He hardly knows which is which.

James Michener

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